Two Steps Back and Three Hopeful Steps Forward

eight gain creeps up over time. I stopped being active over a year ago as I contemplated the decision to quit my job, spent a lot of time traveling, and started working on Darkroom.

I knew I had been gaining weight, but I wasn’t aware that I was losing muscle mass. A popped shirt button here and a slightly tighter fitting pair of pants there and you look back after a year noticing a meaningful difference. This trip was a sort of shock to my system because it caused a disruption to my routine. I couldn’t wear the same comfortable, broken-in pair of jeans and loose shirts anymore – I was going to a formal wedding. 

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15,000 Words: Days Two and Three - Logistics

For lunch, I got a “Woody Allen” from Carnegie Deli: A monstrous pile of pastrami with a couple of pieces of bread to hold it together and some sauce to lubricate all that meal down your throat. It’s a typical New York place, with the autographed headshots of celebrities lining the walls, and people with attitude serving you. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Half way through the sandwich the stomach cramps started and my body was wondering what post-apocalyptic situation had transpired in which the only food left was pastrami.

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15,000 Words: Day One

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed recently. In starting a company, my brain is on overdrive, from the moment I regain consciousness from sleep, till I lose it back to sleep. Mostly: engineering, design, and project management occupy the brain. However, more and more brain cycles are consumed by tangential thoughts, and insights are being gained without being articulated. What follows is my attempt to navigate this new environment.

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